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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this the official site of 90.7 Love Radio?
A. NO. This site is made by a fan to provide easy access to Love Radio streaming. Hindi na kailangang imemorize. The streaming audio is hosted by You can visit the official site at

Q. Can the Love Radio DJ’s read my messages on this site? Do they visit this site?
A. Since this is NOT the official site, they are not officially endorsing this site. As to whether they visit this site or not, I honestly don’t know. Who knows? They probably don’t read your messages.

Q. Hey DJs, can I make a request?
A. Since this is NOT the official site and the DJ’s are probably not visiting this site, you can make a request but your request will not be granted. Visit their official site to make a request, or send a text message to Papa Jack.

Q. How do I play the streaming?
A. It will automatically play when you load the site. If it’s not playing, make sure that you have the Windows Media Player properly installed on your PC and reload the site.

Q. How do I put pictures on the chat box?
A. You must sign up on It’s free and only takes a minute of your time.

Q. Why can’t I chat on the chat box?
A. Due to your previous bad behavior on the site, one of the moderators banned you forever. Create a new account on and promise yourself to behave properly to avoid getting banned again.

Q. How do I report a moderator behaving badly / abusing his powers?
A. If you think that the moderator on the chat box is abusing his powers, banning people without reasons, kindly report him with your chatango username and a screenshot of the evidence to marhgil(at)macuha(dot)com. If I receive at least 5 complaints from different users, I will remove his moderator powers.

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